Welcome to Summer Harvest

Welcome to Summer Harvest!

In the spring of 2019 Adobe Create Magazine released a free Photoshop action that began sweeping the creative industry. You may have seen renderings of this action in your favorite galleries. The action's results are astounding… for those that could figure out its complex and not-so-user-friendly rendering process.

==> Fast forward to the here and now. 

In this mini class I’m going to help you - the no-nonsense Photoshop and Photoshop Elements user - work through the entire process of creating a minimalistic-style scrapbook page using that magical action and a few other techniques.

I guarantee your success in:

  1. Choosing and taking the right photos for this class.
  2. Working through the initial program setup process.
  3. Installing the brushes, patterns, and actions that make the magical action function.
  4. Rendering the action.
  5. Altering the layers of the rendered action and understanding its components.
  6. Harvesting a simple subject from a specifically photo using selection and extraction techniques.

When used in tandem, these six quick lessons will leave you flying high with accomplishment and creativity. This will be one class you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again because the results are limitless. 

Love and creative success,

Jen White, Summer Harvest Instructor

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