Hello Photoshop Elements Intro

Hello Photoshop Elements!

Welcome to QwikLearn Photoshop Elements! By the time you finish the Part 1 lessons you’ll feel like you know your way around, and you’ll be ready and excited to start creating.

By the way, don’t let the word “basics” fool you. You’ll use the knowledge from these lessons every time you create something in Photoshop Elements, and you’ll learn some really great tips and shortcuts that most self-taught people never learn!

Video 01-01: Intro To Photoshop Elements (2:22)

Welcome to quick learn Adobe Photoshop Elements. I'm your instructor, Linda Sattgast, and I've been in your shoes. It was 2001, four years before YouTube was even founded, and I was so frustrated trying to learn Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. I knew they were powerful programs. But there were so many things I couldn't figure out. So I bought a Photoshop course for $500. It was a set of CDs, and I thought surely this would help me become an expert. And I did learn a few things. But it was mostly what each tool was and what it did. And it wasn't connected with anything useful.

I wanted to create a scrapbook page on my computer, a digital scrapbook page. I'd never heard anyone talk about it before, but I knew it was possible if I could figure this program out. Thankfully, I persevered until I did figure it out, and I vowed that no one would ever have to go through what I went through.

So in 2001, I made the first ever course on how to use Photoshop Elements for digital scrapbooking. And I revised that course and improved it over the years, until it's become what it is today: Not just useful for digital scrapbooking, but for anything you want to create. Today, you have a lot more resources than I did. But they're scattered all over the web. It's time-consuming to figure it all out and you never learn some of the insider tips and shortcuts that save you so much time.

That's what this class is all about. There are three things I'm going to do for you.

First, I assume you don't know anything, so I'm not going to leave out important information. And if you do have a question, I'm only an email away and I would love to help you.

Secondly, these lessons are built one upon the other in a logical progression, where you practice skills you've already learned as you learn new ones.

And thirdly, humans learn best by creating. So starting with Part 2, the lessons are based on projects that I think you'll find a lot of fun. But first here in Part 1 we're going to do something very important, and that is get comfortable with Photoshop Elements and set up your desktop and preferences so you can create anything you want. So with that, let's get started and I look forward to helping you succeed!

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