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  Instructor-Paced Learning (Winter Jam) -- What Is It? And, How To Proceed

You are cordially invited to attend Master No.1's Winter Jam!

If you are joining Mastery No.1 between Feb 4 and Mar 31, 2019, then I invite you to take place in Winter Jam.

What is Mastery 1 Winter Jam?

  • Winter Jam starts Monday, February 4, 2019 and continues through March 31, 2019.
  • Instructor-led 8 week journey through Digital Scrapbooking Mastery No.1.
  • Hosted entirely on Facebook, no need to log into the QwikLearn classroom.
  • Social and interactive.
  • Includes the extra learning benefit of challenges, polls, and quizzes.

How Do I Join the Mastery 1 Winter Jam?

  • The access code to join Winter Jam can be found in the Winter Jam Access Code lecture.
  • The Access Code lecture is only available if you enroll in Mastery No.1.