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Digital Scrapper Premier 2021

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Get ready to be dazzled and delighted in this newly-released version of Digital Scrapper's ever-popular Premier subscription program. Jen White, owner of Digital Scrapper, has revamped and modernized the club to include unified lessons focused on getting your stories told in a beautiful way.

Our goal is to not take up too much of your time or your resources. This program is designed to be value-packed and affordable.

The Digital Scrapper Premier 2021 club is team-lead, including all the popular instructors currently teaching at Digital Scrapper. Volume 5 of this club is being taught by Jen White, Julie Singco, and Carla Shute.

Digital Scrapper Premier 2021, Volume 5 contains:

Volume 5, Lesson 1
Story Grid

Tell a beautiful story using a boatload of leftover images from your photo stash. You'll use this amazingly versatile grid over and over again.

Volume 5, Lesson 2
Variations & Quick Steps

Create three or more Story Grid variations using the Quick Steps Bookmark and loads of tips and tricks. Plus, learn a magical file size reduction trick.

Volume 5, Lesson 3
Knockout Letter Boxes

Use a little-known knockout style (PS) or a handy knockout layer mask (EL) to create a trendy-looking letter box.

Volume 5, Lesson 4

Mark your location in style by creating a trendy geomarker with the help of the Shape (EL) and Pen (PS) tools.

Volume 5 Mega Pack
of School Supplies

Includes: printable bookmarks, 4 classic background papers, 4 grayscale templates, an action, 5 wooden date chips, and 10 geo-themed word art.

Volume 5, Bonus Video
Watch Me Scrap

Gain a better understanding of scrapbooking, your software program, and Volume 5 by watching Jen create a scrapbook page from beginning to end.

Is Premier 2021, Volume 5

right for you?

This class is beginner friendly, yet it's intended to stretch the imagination of even the most accomplished scrapbooker.

The lessons are recorded in both Photoshop Elements 2022 and Adobe Photoshop 2022.


This class relies heavily on grouping in the Layers panel. If you have Photoshop Elements v14 or earlier, you will not be able to follow along with the lessons in this class.

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QUESTION: Does each volume of Premier 2021 stand alone?  ANSWER: YES! Each volume is independent and can they can be completed out of order.

QUESTION: Is there an option to purchase the Premier 2021 bundle? ANSWER: Bundling options are no longer available. You'll find special savings on additional volumes inside the classroom.

Your enrollment in this class includes: Closed-captioning, our Satisfaction Guarantee, and FOREVER ACCESS.

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