A Beautiful Mess Simplicity Challenge -- Rules & Tips


A Beautiful Mess Simplicity Challenge

Challenge Rules & Tips

  • The Rules & Tips can be downloaded at the bottom of this lecture.

Challenge Rules & Tips

For this challenge, collect and use the following items. (See How To Play in the previous lecture.)

1 solid white or cream textured background paper

5 complex clipping masks

  • 3 matching masks (for photos) + 2 matching masks (for anchors)
  • Or, use the mask variety from my Design Cuts Mini Bundle.

2 contrasting title fonts

1 journaling font

  • A font similar to your handwriting
  • Or use a classic serif or san serif font

2 thin paper frames

3 small non-obtrusive elements

  • Good choices — a flower, a staple, and a tag
  • Or, use the mini cluster from Section 2 of this class

For help choosing & using the items listed above, along with step-by-step page creation videos and loads of tips and shortcuts, enroll in the class to access Section 2.